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Mission: St. Louis SkillUP Program Design + Outreach VISTA / Full-Time

The SkillUP VISTA member will build the capacity of Mission: St. Louis by creating program structure and processing manuals, (MOJobs, orientation, classroom curriculum, Transitional Jobs/subsidized wage). Will plan and coordinate SkillUP classroom special events, recruit and identify new recruiting avenues to target SkillUP population and create Mentor/Mentee Agreement.

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International Institute - Outreach & Data VISTA - FT

The Outreach and Data Management VISTA Member will support the integration of new Americans by updating and expanding an online database of nonprofit organizations. This website is an outreach tool to connect providers and the foreign-born to key services targeted to lift new Americans out of poverty. These services include, but are not limited to, job placement, job training, entrepreneur resources, and ESOL classes. The Member will outreach to Missouri organizations to develop listings that promote their services. Additionally, the Member will network with national groups to promote services in Missouri.

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