Vacancy Collaborative - Research VISTA - FT


The Research and Capacity Building VISTA member will support the Vacancy Collaborative by developing and implementing recommendations on governance, sustainability, and funding for the Vacancy Collaborative to continue to address systems-levels and policy related solutions to vacant properties in St. Louis City, Missouri. As a result of the VISTA member’s service, the VC will be able to improve on its support of poverty alleviation through connecting families in high-vacancy, often low-income neighborhoods with housing services, and supporting partners efforts to generate additional housing units by through reinvestment efforts and the reuse of vacant properties. The Vacancy Collaborative Research VISTA will advance the development of the VC through research and capacity building.

The Vacancy Collaborative The Vacancy Collaborative launched in 2018 after several years of effort and planning. The VC is not a stand-alone entity, but a coalition of community representatives, private and non-profit stakeholders, and City agencies. The VC helps to coordinate existing vacancy efforts under one umbrella and encourages the public and private sectors to work together toward solutions in a comprehensive and coordinated way.