Covering House Marketing & Donor Development VISTA - FT


The Marketing & Donor Relations VISTA member will build the capacity of The Covering House through marketing campaigns and strategies and grow recurring monthly donors to increase financial support for victims of sexual trafficking or exploitation in the St. Louis Metro Area. This member will: 1) Assess the current marketing strategy utilized by The Covering House and report on its effectiveness. 2) Develop a marketing plan for raising awareness about The Covering House and recruiting new donors. 3) Increase financial support for The Covering House by increasing recurring monthly donors.

The Covering House Using our own Cover Care Program, we care for girls, ages 12-17, for approximately one year at our Long Term Therapeutic Home. The program includes multiple specialized therapies (horticulture, equine, culinary, and arts/expressions), individual therapy, group therapy, experiential learning, sensory experiences and education. Since 2017, The Covering House has celebrated five program graduations and three high school graduations. The program is designed to address issues of character and core beliefs. Our trauma-informed evidence-based program integrates Seeking Safety, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Relational Cultural Theory. These models are woven throughout clinical, education, recreation and experiential to insure all aspects of her treatment plan are therapeutic. The client works through the 3 stages of trauma: safety, mourning, and reconnection. After their stay, we aim to provide a seamless transition to foster care, back home or transitional living by continuing to offer program services through our Community Based Program while educating caregivers through our Supportive Adult Program. In addition to our Long Term Therapeutic Home, The Covering House serves clients through our Community-based services. CBS offers therapeutic services, mentoring and specialized case management to individuals from 7-25 years old. CBS also serves as a step-down transition to clients graduating our long-term program. The Covering House created a prevention program which provides information about the red flags of trafficking to educators, parents, and students. Reducing the Risk is a three-tiered approach to prevention education incorporating a train-the-trainer model for educators.