Mission: St. Louis Home Repair Data Management VISTA - FT


The Data Analysis VISTA will build the capacity of Mission: St. Louis by developing and implementing the Home Repair and AMP (service trip) programs that target under-resourced/low-income residents in St. Louis, MO. As a result of the VISTA member’s service, impoverished individuals’ living environments will improve (i.e. home safety, community beautification, crime prevention) and as a result, they will have greater economic resources for other needs (i.e. property taxes, basic life needs, medications, etc.). 


Mission: St. Louis builds relationships to empower people to transform their lives. With relationship in hand, we have made a strategic set of programs available to the people we serve. These programs work together to address critical stages in the cycle of poverty, like high school graduation + recidivism. We walk alongside people as they work their way through our programs, empowering entire families to break the cycle of poverty.

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