Girls Inc. Program Facilitator VISTA - Summer Associate


The Program Facilitator Summer Associate will implement research-based Girls Inc. programming and complementary programs offered by Girls Inc. and partners. The Program Facilitator will also administrate program evaluation activities for each class and submit results for review & assessment by the Girls Inc. evaluation team. Because of the support of the Summer Associate, capacity will be enhanced through our ability to reach more girls, utilizing program results to help inform and enhance program offerings to our members. It is through our offering and on-going assessment from our research-based, hands-on and minds, age appropriate activities that we can ensure that we are meeting the needs of today’s girls. Five summer associate positions are available.

Girls Incorporated of St. Louis (Girls Inc.) provides educational and cultural programs in safe environments for girls that enable them to raise their aspirations and realize their potential. Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold! At Girls, Inc., we believe that each child has a unique intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical potential. The cultivation of this potential is our priority.  Programs give girls the information, skills, strategies and resources they need to make good decisions, solve problems, meet their own needs and lead others. These activities provide the opportunity to experience success as they grow to understand their options, accept new responsibilities and face new challenges.

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