Dutchtown Community Corporation Champion VISTA - Summer Associate


In order to combat the blight, littering, and unsafe living conditions that illegal dumping has created within these neighborhoods, So Fresh So Clean So Creative introduced neighborhood cleanup efforts. The Community Champions Summer Associate member will build the capacity of DSCC by developing our volunteer and committee membership base and encouraging resident involvement in issues in our communities that directly impact low income residents in South St. Louis City, specifically in Dutchtown, Gravois Park, Marine Villa and Mt. Pleasant. When residents are engaged in neighborhood level decision-making processes, research shows an increase in social capital and overall neighborhood stability. Increased neighborhood stability is essential do decreasing the poverty level in the neighborhood. There are two VISTA roles available.

Dutchtown South Community Corporation is advancing neighborhood vitality through community empowerment, housing stabilization and real estate development. The vibrant South St. Louis neighborhoods of Dutchtown, Gravois Park, Marine Villa, and Mt. Pleasant : (1) advance in accordance with a vision set forth by, and pursuant to, their empowered and active residents; and (2) offer high-quality, safe, stable, and diverse housing opportunities for all.