Behavioral Health Network Substance Use Intervention VISTA - FT

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The Substance Use Interventions Coordinator VISTA member will build the capacity of Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis by developing and implementing policy manuals, volunteer recruitment processes, alumni network processes and marketing materials for the EPICC (Engaging Patients in Care Coordination) program that serves individuals with Opioid Use Disorder in the seven county Eastern Region of Missouri. As a result of the VISTA member’s service, BHN’s EPICC program will be strengthened and sustained, improving services for individuals with Opioid Use Disorder who are poor and uninsured/underinsured.

Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis (BHN) is the behavioral health planning and coordination organization for the Eastern Missouri region. One of BHN’s major programs is EPICC (Engaging Patients in Care Coordination), which aims to increase access to treatment for opioid overdose survivors. The program sends Recovery Coaches, people who are in recovery from a substance use disorder, into hospital emergency rooms after an individual overdoses. Through the coach’s intensive outreach and support, the patient is able to access drug treatment resources within a matter of days and remain engaged in the program. EPICC receives approximately 200 referrals per month. The program is now expanding its reach beyond emergency rooms to EMS districts for individuals who refuse to be taken to the ER. EPICC’s success has facilitated federal funding that enabled the program to be replicated statewide.