iFM Free Clinic Coordinator VISTA - FT


The Free Clinic Coordinator VISTA member will build the capacity of two community-based clinics by developing and implementing on-going communication with our partners (a school district and domestic abuse recovery shelter), businesses and media for residents of 63125 zip in LeMay/St. Louis, MO. As a result of the VISTA member’s service, underserved residents of LeMay will better utilize these free clinics, ongoing support of the clinics will be sustained, and development of community partners will be initiated. The Hancock Clinic is in partnership with the local school district and addresses the health concerns of those in poverty living in the 63125 zip code. iFM’s clinic at Lydia’s House serves women and children who are transitioning out of domestic abuse situations.

iFM Community Medicine IFM Community Medicine lives their mission by taking healthcare services directly to points of need in the community, overcoming access barriers related to cost, transportation, language and trust. Their unique programs and collaborative partnerships with schools, shelters and other social service organizations break down barriers to quality health care by bringing primary and preventative services to the points of most need in our community.