Women's Foundation Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA - FT


The goal of this project aligns with the mission of WFSTL to address the barriers to economic independence for women and girls in the St. Louis region. The Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA will help build WFSTL’s organizational capacity to expand our Community Outreach initiatives and amplify our Impact. The VISTA will focus on 3 objectives during this year of service: 1-Develop a volunteer program, 2-Expand the Women in the Workplace Employment Scorecard, and 3-Expand the Seeking Solutions Symposium. Completing all of these objectives will grow community engagement and address issues related to women’s economic independence, ultimately helping WFSTL to increase awareness, understanding, and action to help lift women out of poverty. There are 2 VISTA opportunities available for this position.

Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis (WFSTL) was founded in 2007 by a group of forward thinking St. Louis women, led by Pat Rich. Armed with an abundance of energy and a passionate commitment to improving the lives of women and girls in the St. Louis region, the fledgling organization initiated a grassroots effort to raise funds to launch the Women’s Foundation. We are proud to be a nexus for women’s issues in the St. Louis region as we bring together actively engaged citizens from our diverse community to improve economic independence for women and girls.  The WFSTL welcomes support from anyone who is committed to removing the societal, policy and economic obstacles so that St. Louis women and girls can achieve economic self sufficiency.