Criminal Justice Ministry Community and Development VISTA - FT


The Communications Development Specialist VISTA member will build the capacity of Criminal Justice Ministry (CJM) by developing and implementing a cohesive communications strategy for the agency’s work with community partners, volunteers, supporters, and other stakeholders in St. Louis City, Missouri. As a result of the VISTA member’s service, CJM will be able to meet the needs of more clients and alleviate poverty and other barriers to successful reentry though securing more sustainable funding sources and building ongoing community partnerships.

Criminal Justice Ministry CJM seeks to reverse this abhorrent societal norm. Our mission is to serve those impacted by the criminal justice system, not judge them. When a client calls our phone or rings our doorbell, they are greeted and treated with kindness, dignity and respect. As servant leaders in the St. Louis community, we do not base our neighbor’s worth on past actions. Instead, we systematically assess their current needs and provide services that will positively impact the individual as well as the community.