Center for Women in Transition Program Evaluation and Development VISTA - Summer Associate


The Program Evaluation and Development VISTA will advance the Center for Women in Transition’s vision of becoming a leader in evidence-based care by researching, developing, and implementing evidence-based programming for the Center. As a result of the VISTA member’s service, the Center will better understand and implement evidence based/best practices for major areas of programming including employment readiness programming, recovery house options, and group mentoring models. These programs will improve our women’s well-being and likelihood of financial stability and security. There are two VISTA positions available.

The Center for Women in Transition was founded in 1997 when a group of women volunteering in a local jail began to notice that the same women were repeatedly returning to incarceration. The women and volunteers sat down together and discussed what was causing this revolving door. Together, the group determined that lack of safe housing, access to treatment for addiction, financial stability, and strong support systems were leading to recidivism. Thus, Center for Women in Transition was born - an attempt to interrupt this cycle by providing justice involved women access to basic resources and community support. The Center provides tools, support, and resources to help justice involved women make positive choices, achieve meaningful goals, and be accountable for past actions. Utilizing restorative justice practices, the Center assures that its clients have safe housing, find meaningful employment, work towards sobriety, and lead stable, crime-free lives.