Affinia Healthcare Enhancement VISTA - Summer Associate


This VISTA will enhance outcomes for patients at Affinia Healthcare by supporting activities related to substance use disorders including opioid abuse prevention, food insecurity, and access to health care services, which correlate to successful participation in employment and workforce development. The VISTA’s activities will improve our patients’ well-being, support them in their recovery, alleviate their immediate hunger, enhance their longer term nutritional habits, support their success in employment related endeavors, and help to end the generational poverty associated with socio economic barriers and the impact of poor health which disproportionately impact the populations we serve at Affinia Healthcare. There are currently 2 VISTA opportunities available for this position.

Affinia Healthcare is a dynamic and transformative health system, providing affordable primary and preventive health care services to residents of St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our facilities are staffed and equipped to provide comprehensive Primary Care Services in addition to an array of Health Support Services and Community Health Programs. Ensuring our neighbors a balanced, healthy future is our fundamental goal.